Entertain and educate your clients at the reception and change the perception of waiting time in your favor
Create awareness, trigger questions and increase purchases of additional services
Customize your own playlist from a library of animations designed specifically for clients' waiting time
Link your tablet or your PC to the player attached to your TV screen and it will play the content in a revolving loop.


VisioCare TV is a veterinary reception and waiting room communication tool designed to enhance pet owners’ waiting room experience by providing educational, animated videos and messages about pet health on a TV screen in the waiting room area. Whilst your clients and their pets are waiting to see a vet, the entertainment provided by the animated messages on the TV screen, will significantly reduce their perception of waiting time and, at the same time, will educate them about different topics related to their pets. VisioCare TV has the potential to trigger questions from clients during consultation and generates "buying behaviour" for your services and products.

In addition to the extensive library of content provided by Visiocare TV, there is a “Premium Service” option which allows you to add a presentation of your Practice – a ‘guided tour’ of the surgery, equipment and services showing images of your practice and photos of your team members.Because your waiting room and reception area reflects “your image”, and often dictates the client’s first impression, VisioCare TV has been created in conjunction with veterinary practitioners to develop an ideal communication tool adapted to the veterinary clinic environment. The real value is around the content and its ability to engage your clients.



The Premium: this is the guided tour of your Veterinary Practice and the personalised sequence that shows your Practice, your team, your equipment, and your services. Our studio will produce 4 to 5 segments based on images and videos provided by you. These segments will last 1 to 2 minutes and are displayed at various intervals during the overall playlist which is usually 20 to 30 minutes long.

The Sequences: each sequence is a theme. A sequence covers topics such as vaccines, fleas, mobility, dental care, veterinary diets, etc. Each sequence is 2 to 3 minutes long.

The Briefs: these short messages are also animated. Each brief lasts 15 to 45 seconds. These short animations are inserted between each sequence.

The Content Format
Our library of content is quite large with more than 100 animations and videos. Two main styles and format are used: 3D cartoon type animations that are quite entertaining, and also motion design type of videos (mixing video, images, animations and text). You can select topics but also formats of content that suit you best. In addition, you can easily create your own library and add your animations, your videos, or content provided to you by third parties.

The Screen Display
The VisioCare TV programme allows you to split the screen into 3 sections: the main screen at the centre where the playlist of your choice is displayed. In addition, it is possible to add two banners: the horizontal banner located at the bottom of the screen, and the vertical banner located on its right.
On the horizontal banner, you can either display local or national news using the internet RSS flux available free of charge in your area (familiar on some TV channels), or a personal text you type on your portal that will scroll continuously (for example:, Dr Soandso is absent, or, ticks are back, or, we are sorry but we are currently experiencing a delay with our appointments due to an emergency, or, there is a promotion this week for … , etc.).
On the vertical banner, you can select the town where your practice is located from your portal, and the local weather will automatically be displayed with small icons for various types of weather conditions and air temperatures. This type of information interests everyone and is updated automatically via the respective internet RSS feed.


Content & Renewal: Our VisioCare TV software allows you to manage your content yourselves, directly and easily via the internet. You can upload new content either daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. You can create promotional screens displaying your special offers, or you can upload useful information to your TV, creating your own internal TV and communication network.

If you don’t make any changes, we modify and update the loop of content every 3 to 4 months depending on your region. Our choices are based on past content used, the region and the season, so your returning clients are unlikely to see the same playlist twice.

Why is there no soundtrack with some verbal explanations along with the animations?
This is a key feature of the concept. VisioCare TV has been specifically designed with minimal sound to create a calmer environment in the waiting room. VisioCare TV favourably contributes to people interacting in the waiting room because clients watching the animations together start talking to each other about them... Some of the animations do have a quiet soundtrack but please note this music belongs to us so there are no IP fees (if applicable in your territory).




Installing and linking VisioCare TV is simple; you purchase the hardware package and we do all the work for you. We will provide you with the VisioCare Box or Boxes (if you have more than one screen). Professional technicians can carry out a pre-site visit (usually done remotely) to establish the full requirements then, once the hardware has been delivered, we will arrange for the installation work to be done either with our technicians or your own technician. Once the VisioCare Box is connected to your screen, you select the channel, push play… and the service will run all day. Please note, however, that we do not sell the TV screens or install them.

Where is it best to place the VisioCare TV screen(s) in my clinic?

We recommend that the screens are fixed directly to the wall using a fixed wall mount or swivel device, but they can be placed on shelves, or on a floor stand. In certain cases, it is possible and very effective to install two or even three screens that function simultaneously using the same single online VisioCare Box. In this case the playlist displayed is the same on all screens and you will need a long cable leading from the VisioCare Box to all TV screens. This is the reason we recommend connecting each screen to its own individual VisioCare Box.

The location of the screen is essential to optimise client viewing; it is important to place the screens within a natural visual field where clients are sitting in the waiting area, bearing in mind clients are not at the veterinary clinic to watch a TV programme and their attention will predominantly be in a passive mode. Integrating a screen in a “merchandising” isle in the middle of the room is another efficient way to proceed. If you have any doubt, we will be able to advise you on the best place to position your TV screen; we can send pictures of existing set-up installations and are happy to assist you.

The Player or VisioCare Box

The TV screen is connected to a VisioCare Box with a simple “plug & play” system. The VisioCare Box is also linked to the Internet using a cable or a WiFi connection). This connection allows you to add additional content available online via an RSS channel, such as the local weather, or the news. Additional content and updates are downloaded via the internet and automatically placed on the VisioCare Box.

The VisioCare Box is also equipped with our remote control software, allowing us to assist you remotely at any time, to identify and solve any technical problems which may occur.

The Software

Our VisioCare TV software is installed on the clinic PC and is easy to manage. It is a simple and intuitive software that users (vets, practice managers, nurses) will master and quickly learn how to select, add and delete content (drag & drop) at any time from the loop. A tutorial is available online. Our maintenance and client service is also available for help and assistance if needed.


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